About Distributed Spectrum

Distributed Spectrum is a venture-backed startup revolutionizing RF situational awareness at the tactical level by building systems that provide actionable and non-technical information in real time in the field.

Our software gives defense and industrial customers unparalleled insight into the activity of wireless devices at scales ranging from a single room to an entire city.

We’re changing a slow-moving industry that relies on specialized systems and expensive hardware. We disrupt entrenched players by shifting the focus to modular and flexible software that we apply to solve a variety of stakeholder challenges. The software we build bridges the gap between $100 off-the-shelf hardware and the existing $1M+ systems in this space.

What It’s Like to Work Here

We’re building a super-talented team to work together on some of the most interesting technical challenges you can think of. We know each other well outside of our job descriptions and we support each other in all aspects of life.

We value teamwork and collaboration but will give you room to experiment, create your own new projects, and act independently in the company’s best interests.

We’re hiring leaders who we trust to join us at the table to make important strategic decisions.

We care a lot about in-person interactions and are working out of an office in NYC with plenty of space to bring in new teammates.

We believe in constant feedback and testing of our ideas to improve. We’re not afraid to be wrong initially, so long as it helps us get to the right answer.